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Welcome to Futboleros Soccer Academy

Futboleros Soccer Academy is proud to provide year round soccer in the greater South Bend, IN area and near by.  The Academy offers Futsal, Sand, Grass Classes, Leagues and tournaments.  

Futboleros is operated by former Pro Soccer Player, Soccer Celebrity, James Ortega, aka “Hollywood”.

James has been teaching soccer since 1990 in Los Angeles, CA and now is in South Bend since 2019.

Academy offers a unique, dynamic soccer environment in which players master the mental, physical and technical skills of the game.  A precise step-by-step teaching methods create a crystal clear picture of each skill through live demonstration, explanation and participation. Unparalleled experiences for all skill levels.  


Academy's goal is to produce a skillful player – one who can respond intuitively to any game situation with the right technique and skill while at the same time make the correct tactical decision under pressure with strength, speed, flair and imagination. Academy is for boys and girls ages 7-13 of all skills and levels who want to learn the game in a professional atmosphere.  Academy emphasizes all the essential skills of creativity, game and performances. 

Players are divided based by skill and level. Small sided games are played at the end of every session to create real game situations. Guaranteed to get you child ready for the next level. All programs are designed to be a fun learning experience that gives youth players a taste of the professional experience. Academy Staff is experienced and trained to teach. We do not "Babysit" we expect kids to be ready to learn....

Academy is high energy and fast paced while kids learn at their own pace.

Our simple philosophy is to LEARN - TRAIN - PLAY and HAVE FUN!  

Upcoming Events 2024 

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Futsal Location
River Bend Gymnasium
701 Niles Ave. South Bend

Get your teams ready to play! 

U10 - Ages 8-9

U12 - Ages 10-11

U14 - Ages 12-13

U16 - Ages 14-15 

U18 - Ages 16-17 

5 player minimum with 8 Players Max Per Team, No expeptions! 

Players must have DOB proof and must fall in Age Bracket. 

Games 5v5 

2 / 15 minutes halves 

No offside 

No Slide Tackles

No Rough Plays   

Unlimited Subs 

4 Seconds to play the ball 

1 minute timeout per half 

5 Fouls / 1 Penalty 

Goals 6x9

1st & 2nd place Trophies


Soccer greats such as Kaka, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Marta and Messi grew up playing Futsal and credit it for developing their incredible skills. Futsal builds quick reflexes, fast thinking and pin-point passing. US Soccer and FIFA declared that Futsal is necessary for youth soccer development because of:

  • More touches on the ball

  • Better foot skills

  • More movement without the ball

  • Quick decisions

  • Technical speed of play

  • High-scoring games

  • Constant excitement

Futsal training is the key to reaching top speed.

Futsal training is a cornerstone of youth soccer player development and builds the following qualities:

  • Ball retention – possession is key in Futsal. Players need to be able to keep the ball using good technique and movement

  • Quick play – the small playing area forces quick play. This again requires good technique and movement

  • Passing – Futsal develops quick, accurate passing – no margin for error

  • Skillful play – Futsal encourages skillful play, either to retain possession or to create a shooting opportunity

  • Confined spaces – everything happens much quicker and there is less margin for error

  • Tactical awareness – futsal is a "whole-team" game. Each player needs to be aware of their own responsibilities

  • Skill acquisition – the increased number of touches on the ball accelerates the learning process

  • Movements – with and without the ball increase significantly in Futsal

FIFA supports Futsal.

Futsal is FIFA’s Official Indoor Soccer game, which is a scaled down indoor version of outdoor soccer, is a small sided game (5v5) played on a smaller field with a smaller weighted ball. There are no walls in Futsal, only touchline boundaries. Outdoor soccer players around the globe play Futsal to refine and maintain control and touch. Futsal is superior to walled soccer in developing skill and technique. Walled soccer rewards poor technique by banging the ball off the boards. In contrast, Futsal requires precision and control.  The same skills are required for success in the outdoor game.

Call: 310-770-8033


What's Futsal

Futsal is FIFA's official indoor soccer game which is, essentially, a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a small sided game (5v5) played on a smaller field (roughly basketball court sized) with a size 4 low bounce ball.  No cleats, only flat surfaced shoes. Fast and exciting game to learn. Futsal helps your outdoor game.   

What's sand soccer

Soccer played on SAND. It is more acrobatic than regular soccer.  Everything you do in the sand is 100% transferable to improve the grass game and skills.  Sand soccer is the perfect complement to the grass game as it is played in the air when trained correctly.   Adding Sand soccer training as part of the curriculum will expedite and certainly help recreational to advanced players reach another level in skills and development.  5v5 Games. Sand Socks are highly recommended or ankle socks. 

Tournaments Futsal / Sand 

Futsal and Sand Tournaments are held Annually. 

Summer Sand Soccer Tournament 2023 Dates to be Announced 

 Outpost Sports in Mishawaka, IN U8+ Adult

Competitive, Fun, Exciting and high scoring games! 

Contact us for more information 310-770-8033 

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