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Meet the Creator"Hollywood"


His Story

Founder, James Ortega, born in Quito, Ecuador. A Soccer Celebrity with his charming smile and cool sun glasses.  He was raised in Meriden, Connecticut with his family, where soccer was a part of their everyday life. When he moved to Los Angeles, 30yrs ago,

James had the vision to entertain the soccer world with more than just playing soccer. He recognized and cultivated his talent off the field to intrigue people by juggling a soccer ball, in a unique way.  He lights up any event with his talented soccer skills he has developed over the past 30yrs. He has performed in thousands of events across the country. He's also been in over 20 soccer commercials and 4 movies. He was also was head of entertainment for the LA Galaxy for more than 5yrs 2008-2013. In 2008 he mastered the secrets of juggling and produced his own instructional video “Extreme Soccer Skills”, selling world wide. He performs yearly at over 200 events nationwide, which range from major corporations, school assemblies, private parties, tournaments, mitzvahs and more.  James' biggest accomplishment was marching on the New Year’s Day 2014 Rose Parade on behalf of AYSO with over 77 million viewers. 

Futboleros is comprised of a group of the BEST talented Freestylers in the country who create amazing soccer shows capturing everyones attentions and heart! 

James passion is not only entertaining but also teaches what he loves most. He has created a unique Soccer Academy based on his soccer DVD for beginners, intermediate and advance for players who want to reach the next level.  He has also branded his own soccer training device call the "PK" The Perfect Kick which you can purchase online. 

James and his Futboleros continue to keep their fan base entertained on line so make sure you follow them on all social media platforms. They look forward to upcoming events and are thankful for all the support!

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